Are Rooftop Units The Most Efficient Type Of HVAC System

Self-sufficient heating-pump unit and air conditioning system are the two most popular cooling technologies in the United State’s commercial building facilities. The system is mostly installed on the rooftop and comes with high energy efficiency. The rooftop units are also known as the package unit, or air conditioners are machines produced in large numbers. These machines include air-handling fans, cooling equipment, electric or gas heating equipment, and more. The sizes of the RTUs systems differ from one to another. The ac capacity can be as small as 1 ton or as big as 100 tons.

A look at the efficiency of the rooftop unit in the HVAC system

The availability of the RTUs is in several efficiencies. There is also increasing effort to enhance the efficiency of the system, and create a kind of retrofit options. These are the options that will be able to improve the efficiency of the units installed. The efficiency of the RTUs can be lowered through low maintenance practices. It can also be affected by an inability to handle the system operation.

The RTUs performance metrics are what you need to know to understand its overall efficiencies.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

The Seasonable Energy Efficiency Ratio ( SEER) is the adjustable rating according to load in the residential representative. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio applies to the rooftop units with 5.42 tons or lesser cooling capacity.

Energy Efficiency Ratio

The energy efficiency ratio (EER) measured in Btu per hr is the cooling rate divided by the power at a full-load condition measured in watts. Many things are included in the power measurement, and they include controls, fan motors, and compressors.

The Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio

The integrated energy efficiency ratio ( IEER) defines the total operating efficiency at the one hundred percent, seventy-five percent, fifty percent, and twenty-five percent operating loads. The energy efficiency ratio will determine the rooftop unit that will work more efficiently.


With the various operating efficiencies associated with the rooftop units, it is easy to conclude that the 

RTUs is the most efficient type of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System. It is the system that requires low input to get a massive result in forms of thermal comfort in a building and more. That can explain the reason for the increasing number of organizations and public facilities with the RTUs system installed.