The Most Important Parts In An HVAC System May Be Gas Sensors

Gas sensors or detectors are devices mainly used to detect and identify different types of gases. They are commonly used in facilities to identify gas leaks and they can also be used as smoke detectors in residential homes. HVAC systems can be very complex since their primary purpose is maintaining quality fresh air throughout an area. The quality of air has to be constantly maintained due to the amounts of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Any slight change in the amount of these gases can have an impact on the safety and comfort of the occupants or workers in the building.

The things to know about gas sensors

Gas sensors are usually connected to an alarm system which makes sure you’re aware of any significant changes to the level of potentially harmful gases in your home or workplace. Due to the fact that gas sensors are constantly monitoring a variety of gases, it’s always a good idea to calibrate your sensors regularly. Doing so helps the sensor perform operations more accurately and consistently.

How to read the gas sensors

Gas sensors can easily measure the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere or inside a building ensuring that everyone within the area has the optimal amount of gases for safety and comfort. Gas sensors are also important as they help detect harmful gases that may cause explosion or gas poisoning. As human beings, we need oxygen to survive. So it comes as no surprise as to why gas sensors are useful to us. Reduced oxygen levels can cause loss of consciousness and dizziness in inhabitants. If not dealt with immediately, it can even cause death or hemorrhaging. Low levels of oxygen can be caused when another gas displaces the oxygen around it.

The need for gas sensors in the industries

For industrial workers, gas sensors might just be the only way for them to identify issues pertaining to gas leaks and threats. These devices can be vital to safety as they can easily detect low levels of oxygen and gas leakage which may be toxic to workers. Without these sensors, workers are easily prone to toxic gases which can cause a lot of health problems for them and even death.


Carbon monoxide is a well known toxic gas capable of killing humans. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless which makes it extremely hard to detect. Carbon monoxide or CO is produced when carbon based fuel burn in a tight space and is unable to escape. It’s produced in places such as a furnace, oven or fireplace.