Do You Have To Clean HVAC Exhaust Outlets?

Exhaust outlets in buildings are responsible for expelling heat created by the heating system of your HVAC. Exhaust systems are mostly preferred during cold weather conditions. If the weather is warmer, this can cause moist air to condense and cause mold growth. There are several types of exhaust systems in your house used to remove heat or combustible gas from the home although they still share the same function which is to move air from indoor rooms and expel it outside the house.

The need to clean exhaust outlet

So why do you have to clean these exhaust outlets? HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, it either heats or cools the air inside your home or filters away harmful particles that can cause medical issues to occupants. Exhaust outlets are usually found in kitchen and bathrooms. These are fans that are simple and easy to install. These fans can malfunction without proper maintenance. However, if they’re well maintained, they can surely make your home comfortable, safe and energy efficient.  When these fans operate, they remove heat and humidity caused by activities in the area. Without proper care, your exhaust outlet may cause the following:

  • Increase in Energy cost
  • Poor air quality
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Harmful particles and dust

The dangers of malfunctioning exhaust outlets

If your exhaust outlets are poorly functioning, this can put a great deal of stress on other parts of the HVAC system leading to paying more money in energy bills. As time goes on dust, moisture, and other harmful particles can get clogged in the ducts of your exhaust system. When the mold and mildew contaminates your outlets, these harmful particles can easily be spread through different ducts leading to different areas in the building. Ultimately, the occupants in the building are bound to get sick as there is a high level of allergens and spores causing allergic reactions and respiratory complications.

Improve fluid circulation with proper cleaning of exhaust outlets

Dealing with the dirt inside your exhaust outlets can help improve the quality and circulation of fresh air and can even reduce energy and heating costs. In terms of saving energy, it’s good practice to switch off the fans when they’re no longer needed.  Cleaning the fans routinely may help extend the life span of your system although the average life span is about 10 to15 years. In case of any mechanical or electrical damages, consult an HVAC professional technician on the matter.